Wilson Elementary School

Willie Wildcat

Willie Wildcat says...

"I can achieve and I will achieve by following the Wilson Expectations:

Here at Wilson Elementary School, we are actively promoting positive behavior.  We are using the PBIS model for universal behavior management.  PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support.  We believe that if we teach our students exactly what is expected, and reteach expectations when necessary, we will have students who are able to achieve academically with harmony.

Wilson Expectations: 

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The entire school uses the same meter to keep the noice level down in transition and in the classroom.  The Voice-O-Meter enables students to concentrate without distractions and extra noise. A "0" voice means that it should be silent.  We use this in the hallways, classrooms, and in all areas of Wilson School.  Some of our families are even using the Voice-O-Meter at home!  Check out the rest of the Voice-O-Meter by clicking below. You can print this poster for your home use if desired.


Classroom Management: 

The entire school uses the same classroom management tools.  A poster called "Living Above the Line" describes the behaviors students need to be successful at school.  Below the line behaviors describe inappropriate behaviors that warrant a consequence in the classroom.  Below the Bottom Line behaviors describe very inappropriate behaviors that warrant an Office Discipinary Referral.  Check out the poster below.



Ladder of Success: 

 This ladder is found in every classroom.  Each student has a shoe with his/her name on it.   His/her shoe moves up or down the ladder depending on the choices they make throughout the day.  If their shoe moves down, they can change their behavior and/or fix the problem to move the shoe back up.  Homeroom teachers record where students end their day and it is reported to the office at the end of the month. 

Wilson Way-to-Go Tickets: 

Students earn Wilson Way-to-Go tickets for making safe, respectful, and responsible choices.  All staff members in the building have tickets to pass out.  The tickets are labeled with the student's name and put in a bucket.  At the end of the week, a student's name is picked and that student shops at the Wilson-Way-to-Go store!  But that isn't all, these students also have their names announced on the intercom and they sit at the Wilson-Way-to-Go table at lunch!  Grrrrrrrrreat!


V.I.P. Winners: 

Students who make good choices all month long have the opportunity to become a V.I.P. winner at the next attendance assembly.  Any student who does not earn an office dicipline referral is part of a random drawing.  Each class has one winner and they receive a certificate and sit on special mats at the assembly. These students aslo earn an extra recess.  We like to celebrate safe, respectful, and responsible behavior at Wilson Elementary School!